Full CG TV Movie for Fonbet
Full CG Cycle for Fonbet TV Movie
Sber Pay Chameleon
Realization of 3D chameleon in the shortest possible time for Sber Pay together with Amber and Mosaic
Sabo Vivienne Cabaret
The full production cycle of the video for Sabo Vivienne Cabaret together with the agency SOCIALIST and Chicken Curry
Creative and production of a 3D video clip for a Soundblade soundbar
BlueAnt X3D
Creative and production of a 3D video clip for a X3D music column
Wildberries Cyber Monday
Full production of a 3D video for Wildberries Cyber Monday
Concept art and 3D graphics production
Siberian Wellness | Gen Well
Full cycle of video production for Siberian Wellness
SW Energy Booster
Full cycle of video production for the new Energy Booster from Siberian Wellness
SW Core Energy
Full cycle of video production for the new Core Energy from Siberian Wellness
Yandex Through the eyes of different
Stop-motion animation for the Yandex social project “Through Different Eyes”
Yandex KHL
Full production of a 3D video for Yandex Plus
Premier Online Cinema
CG-bag chair production and compositing for Premier
MTS Junior Habib
Stop-motion animation for the MTS Junior x Habib video
Creative and production of 3D graphics for Lactacyd advertising with Maria Gorban
BeaRex Trailer
BeaRex launch trailer production
SW Fitness Catalyst
2D stop motion video production
Production of an image video and website for the SynPlanet metaverse
SW Energy Booster
Creative development and production of a video in the style of collage animation
We produced and created colorful video for worldwide company Amway
Dr. Oetker Ristorante
We produced and shot terrific video for Dr. Oetker's pizza
MTS Junior
3D video in a cartoon style special for a new tariff plan by MTS
Feed advertising video
We made a full creative production for startup Feed using 3D technologies
Amway L.O.C.
PR company for start of cleaning agent by Amway
Exciting 3D-video special for collaboration between NETFLIX x LOEWE
We shot creative promo-video for "Set for immunity" NUTRILITE x ZINK by Nutrilite
Intel® Experience Day
We created and produced the most powerful 3D video special for Intel® Experience Day
Creative TV ad-video for Siberian Collection
XS Power + Immunity Drink
Strawberry boom and immunity support for XS Power + Immunity Drink!
Amway Follow me
Creative image promo video special for Amway
Information 3D-video with unique city and spaceship design
Unique creative for Spotify's entry into the Russian market and the production of 21 videos with artists
Feed: ART tutorial
We created and drew teaching 2D-video for new app Feed
Three bright and frosty ad-videos about windscreen washer by Shell
New Year with Oriflame
New Year inspiring video special for Oriflame
Sun and good mood in promo-video for "Set for immunity" NUTRILITE x Vitamin D by Nutrilite
Citrus Energy in promo-video for "Set for immunity" NUTRILITE x Vitamin C by Nutrilite
We by Loewe
Bright photo production for WE by Loewe
We by Loewe
We made brending for Loewe's subsidiary We
The pilot of entertaining cartoon about time traveling
Sharp x Pininfarina
Refined 3D promo video for Sharp x Pininfarina
Sharp Speakers
Conceptual image 3D promo video for Sharp
Amway Education
Promo video for education platform Amway by Rubilix
OFTAN Catachrom
Production of the TV ad for international brand Santen